Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change - POL 16-01

ACCES-VR assists participants with transportation expenses so they may participate in vocational rehabilitation (VR) services and will pay for the cost of using a personally owned vehicle if public transportation is not available and/or the individual’s disability prevents his/her using public transportation.

Effective January 4, 2016, the mileage reimbursement rate is 75 percent of the “NYS Maximum Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Personal Car Mileage (PCM)” for VR participants using a personally owned vehicle. ACCES-VR is changing the rate to ensure that the total expenditures for transportation are sustainable for the increased number of individuals we are serving. This rate also mitigates any potential internal control risks due to the higher expenditures that were generated over the past year at the full rate.

Any existing authorizations for transportation mileage reimbursement for 2016 will need to be cancelled and reauthorized in the context of an amended IPE. Those individuals with existing authorizations at the previous rate will need to be notified of the change in rate. For all new authorizations, the new rate will be applied. Managers will work with their management teams and staff for proper implementation of this change in accordance with VR Policy and Procedures.

To assist with implementation, a temporary procedure is attached. In those circumstances where the IPE has already authorized transportation at the higher rate, the adjustment is considered in policy as a major change to the IPE. Therefore, in addition to sending an amended IPE for the consumer’s signature, a standard notice for consumers, explaining the reason for the change, is attached. As with all IPEs, consumers have the right to request due process if they disagree with the content of the IPE.

The following is the link to the NYS Mileage Reimbursement Rate for personal vehicles. 

M&T authorized for bus &/or subway will continue to be authorized for the actual cost.

Until all relevant policy and procedure are updated, this memo represents the current, approved reimbursement rate. Documents requiring update include:

Policy 1355.00 – Transportation Services Policy

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 4, 2016


Transportation Services Policy - Policy 1355.00
Summary of Limits on Duration and Cost of VR Services: PRO-16-01
Strategies for Quality Cost Effective Service - FIS-04-04
Guidance on Implementation of the Strategies for Quality Cost Effective Services

INQUIRIES: Any questions concerning this memorandum should be addressed to the Resource Development Unit at 518-473-1626.

Date Issued: January 7, 2016