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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Resources

The National Center for PTSD

The center of excellence for research and education on the prevention, understanding, and treatment of PTSD. Our Center has seven divisions across the country. Although we provide no direct clinical care, our purpose is to improve the well-being and understanding of American Veterans. We conduct cutting edge research and apply resultant findings to advance the science and promote understanding of traumatic stress. The National Center for PTSD does not provide direct clinical care or individual referrals; we do provide links and information to help you locate VA and other mental health services in your area. Each VA medical Center has mental health specialists. To find the one nearest you, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs' Facility Locatorexternal link icon web page.

America's Heroes at Work

A U.S. Department of Labor project that addresses the employment challenge of service members living with Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Designed for employers and the workforce development system, this website is your link to information and tools to help returning service members affected by TBI and/or PTSD succeed in the workplace - particularly service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. For more information, visit America's Heroes at Workexternal link icon website.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, toll-free information and referral telephone service available worldwide to active duty, Reserve, and National Guard military members and their families. Military OneSource is the parent program or umbrella over the Army, Navy, Air Force and MCCS OneSource programs. Military OneSource provides information ranging from everyday concerns to deployment-related issues. Also, Military OneSource offers three kinds of short-term, nonmedical counseling services to active-duty, Guard, and Reserve members (regardless of activation status) and their families. In addition, Military OneSource offers a website for information on a variety of topics and issues, to order educational materials (booklets, CDs, etc.) at no charge and access consultants on-line. Registration is not required in order to call into the service. If you go online, you will be required to become a member, or personalize the website. This is a brief, one-time process that will not require you to disclose personal information other than your branch of service and Unit/Location. As a member of the Military OneSource community, you have access to all of the great resources offered to nonmembers, and you will have access to the entire website and all content. You will also be able to subscribe to our many newsletters designed for specific interests, such as Parenting, Single Military Life, and Healthy Living. For more information, visit the Military OneSourceexternal link icon website.

New York Head Injury Association's Traumatic Brain Injury Training and Military Veteran's Services Project

Recent statistics from the U.S. Army indicate that as many as 20% of U.S. troops are returning from Operation Enduring Feedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom with symptoms of a brain injury. In fact, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is called the "signature injury" of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you were exposed to a blast, were in a vehicle crash, or had your head hit or jolted while you were deployed, you might have a brain injury. Many troops may not know that they have an injury or that treatment is available, and it may be months before symptoms of a brain injury begin to appear. A recently released Army task force report noted "major gaps" in identifying and treating traumatic brain injuries in service members. Together with individuals and agencies across New York State, the Brain Injury Association of New York State is working to build awareness about combat-related traumatic brain injury and its impact on our returning military. The Association has collaborated with the New York State Department of Health to raise awareness about TBI in the military. The Traumatic Brain Injury Training and Military Veteran's Services Project is a resource for providers and families as they seek to understand the symptoms of and treatment for TBI. Information and support is provided to military personnel returning to New York State from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. In addition, the Assocation offers training about traumatic brain injury to civilian and military service providers. We continuously reach out to individuals and organizations who are already within the network of TBI service providers to encourage collaboration with veterans' programs. If you or a family member served in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom and were injured while you were deployed, we want to hear from you. For more information, visit The Traumatic Brain Injury Training and Military Veterans Services Projectexternal link icon website.

Veterans for America (VFA)

VFA, also known as Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF), is an advocacy and humanitarian organization that "...addresses the causes, conduct, and consequences of war". The primary mission of VFA is to ensure that our country meets the needs of service members and veterans who have served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). VFA focuses specifically on the signature wounds of these conflicts: psychological traumas and traumatic brain injuries. For more information, visit the Veterans for Americaexternal link icon website.

Veterans for America's Wounded Warrior Outreach Program (WWOP)

WWOP addresses the staggeringly high levels of psychological and neurological injuries experienced by today's troops and the lack of resources and programs to provide much-needed assistance. WWOP's team of Service member Liaisons, compose of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, visits military installations across the country and works one-on-one with returning troops who are suffering from psychological and mild, difficult to detect, neurological combat injuries. For more information, visit the Wounded Warrior Projectexternal link icon website.

New York State Division of Veterans' Affairs

As a Veteran living in New York State, you may be eligible for a variety of economic, medical and social benefits, including compensation, health care, vocational rehabilitation and training, tuition assistance for higher education, and real property tax exemptions. These benefits, however, are not automatic, you must apply for them. In New York State, the Division of Veterans' Affairs along with county and city Veterans service agencies are ready to assist you in determining your options or applying for a specific benefit. Toll-free number - 1-888-VETS NYS (1-888-838-7697) - will link you to the NYS Division of Veterans' Affairs counseling office nearest you. This information is also available on the New York State Division of Veterans Affairsexternal link icon website. To locate the VA Medical Center or Community based out-patient clinic neareat you, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs' New Yorkexternal link icon web page.

Last Updated: December 12, 2014