Summary of Limits on Duration and Cost of VR Services - PRO-10-02

VESID has established duration and cost limits for certain services. This memorandum provides a listing of all services for which VESID currently has a limit on the duration and/or cost. Waivers may be available for certain services when they are required for the consumer to complete the Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). The tables below provide the limits found in State regulations, policies, procedures and memoranda, consistent with what is permitted in Federal law and regulation. Case service and support codes are identified where appropriate, although it is not a complete list of all case service codes.

Service Duration Limits
Training at a College or University VESID will provide financial contribution for up to one semester in addition to each requiredacademic year to complete required course work. A maximum of two additional semesters will be allowed to complete a two-year program, and a maximum of four additional semesters will be allowed to complete a four- year program if needed. These maximum allowances include all part-time training and can be pro-rated for students who have completed coursework toward the degree. These maximum time frames are cumulative and include any change in school, major course of study and case re-opening after partial completion, unless a significant change in the individual’s situation provides good cause for additional time. A waiver may be granted for up to one year at the discretion of the senior counselor. The Regional Coordinator, District Manager or designated supervisor may grant additional time beyond the one-year extension when necessary to accommodate the disability and enable the individual to achieve an employment outcome.
Rehabilitation Technology Assessment 20 hours
Neuropsychological Evaluations 12 hours
On-the-Job Training (OJT) maximum of 26 weeks
Supported Employment- Intensive 18 months
Tutoring Services 7 hours per week
Driver Evaluation or Driver Evaluation- Special 10 hours maximum
Driver Training Initial authorization 20 hours maximum. Additional 20 hours may be authorized; 10 hours at a time with written justification.

VESID maintains spending limits on certain individual services in order to use its limited resources effectively. Any cost limitation established as a matter of policy may be waived after considering an individual’s rehabilitation needs except if these limitations are imposed by statute or regulation.

Service Cost Limits
Rehabilitation Tech Assessment Not to exceed: $175/half day; $325/full day; or $75/hour (for up to 20 hours)
Training at a College or University
400, 410, 420 & 430 X”, “F”, “B”, “M”
Tuition: For students who meet economic need, VESID can pay for college expenses, after application of all comparable benefits, at current published tuition rates at a public SUNY, CUNY or community college.

Private colleges, undergraduate four-year programs should be compared to equivalent public four year colleges; and private two-year colleges should be compared to an equivalent public two year or community college (SUNY/CUNY) programs.

Graduate study can be paid based on the actual SUNY/CUNY graduate school tuition rates. For graduate programs at private colleges, the maximum tuition is based on the published SUNY graduate tuition rate for the program of study.

Fees: actual required and documented fees at the SUNY/CUNY or private college up to $300 per academic year.

Textbooks: actual costs for required textbooks and materials can be authorized or, if actual cost is unknown, the current average cost of required textbooks and materials published by SUNY/CUNY.

Room & Board: room and board up to a maximum of $1,350 per year. 

Tutoring Services 
$15 per hour for a max of $105/week
Major “Y”
Direct Payment to Consumer
“T”, “Y”, “Z”
Advance Payment
$300 for the life of the case
Reimbursement >$1,000 requires a waiver
Reimbursement of >$3,000 requires the approval of the Assistant Commissioner or designee
Vocational Training
450, 460, 470, 480 & 490
Program Tuition *$10,000
Fees $300
Required Textbooks & Materials $500 *The exception to the tuition cap is limited to the following 6 Community Rehabilitation
Provider programs:
Alpha Workshop Studio School # 642111 Decorative Arts @ $10,280
Contemporary Guidance Service (CGS) # 009830
Childcare Level 1 @ $10,140
Childcare Level 2 @ $15,210
Office and Computer Skills Training @ $14,138
Pet Care Tech @ $10,030
FedCap Career Design School, Inc. # 646752
Office Skills @ $10,384
Up to $300 when determined necessary for training or employment purposes
Tools and Equipment
No cap when economic need is met and is necessary for training or employment purposes
Transportation and Special Transportation
Personal car: 50% of the current NYS Maximum Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Personal Car Mileage (PCM) at the time the service is authorized. Up to $200/per Week; $7,000/per year, or $15,000 for anticipated life of the case.
RC/DOM or designee can approve waiver requests related to transportation for college and commuting students may be reimbursed for transportation costs beyond the $1,350 limit.
940X, E, F, 941X
Vehicle Modifications, Adaptive
Vehicle Equipment and Automotive Equipment
Van Mod 850X
Car Mod 860X
Note: As per FIS-07-01 Vehicle Modification  Memo, there are no caps for car and van  modifications. Fiscal procedure for procurement of vehicle modifications must be followed. A waiver is required when a consumer seeks a van modification in an instance where a car modification has been deemed sufficient by the specialist and the consultant, to meet their need.
Home Modification, Adaptive Household Equipment and Household Equipment 800X, 840X  Combined total: $7,500
Durable Medical Equipment
210- 340
Medicaid Rate
Cognitive Remediation Services $6,500/life of the case
Basic Psychological Evaluation $286
Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation $447
Neuropsychological Evaluations Maximum $88 per hour for a total of 12 hours for administration, interpretation and report preparation.
Adaptive Behavior Scale $94

If a counselor determines it is necessary and appropriate to go beyond these limits and can justify need, a waiver can then be requested. Refer to Waiver Procedures under VESID Consumer Involvement Procedure 100.00P.

Note: Cost Effective Skills Training does not involve a waiver of cost or duration of services but waives consideration of a consumer’s available resources in order to provide training in the most cost effective manner. Training must meet the following criteria to be considered cost effective skills training:

Offered by proprietary vocational schools, community colleges and BOCES; program does not exceed one year; and is a non-degree program. VESID's contribution is limited to $4,815 for a one-year program or the balance after comparable benefits are applied. Costs in excess of the $4,815 waiver limit are subject to consideration of consumer resources. 



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PRO-06-03 Waiver Process Overview
PRO-06-01 Waiver Process Overview
PRO-04-02 Waiver Process Overview
PRO-04-01 Caps on Rates and Duration of Services

Date Issued: April 5, 2010