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Supported Employment

Supported Employment is paid competitive employment in an integrated setting with ongoing support for individuals with the most severe disabilities (i.e., psychiatric, mental retardation, significant learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, deafness and blindness, extreme mobility impairments, and other most severe disabilities) for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred, and who, because of the nature and severity of their disability, need on-going support services in order to obtain, perform, and retain their job.  Supported Employment provides assistance such as job coaching and job placement, assistance in interacting with employers, on-site assistive technology training, specialized job training, and individually tailored supervision.

Supported Employment is a way to move people from dependence on a service delivery system to independence via competitive employment.  Supported Employment provides a vehicle to enable eligible individuals to enter into competitive employment where they would otherwise, due to the impact of their disabling conditions, be unable to do so.  Recent studies indicate that the provision of on-going support services for people with severe disabilities significantly increases their rates for employment retention.  Supported Employment encourages people to work within their communities and encourages working, social interaction, and integrations with their non-disabled peers.

Notices Listed Chronologically

2/3/14: Contract Claim Submission Deadlines for 2012-13 Contract Year (PDF file, 12KB, 1pp)

10/3/12: Support Employment Claim Submission Deadline for the 11-12 Contract Year (PDF file, 9KB, 1pp)

10/19/11: Supported Employment Claim Submission Deadline for the 10-11 Contract Year: PDF (PDF file, 15KB, 1pg.)

01/19/10: Reimbursement Guidelines for Supported Employment for the 10/1/09-9/30/10 Contract Period (January 2010)

01/13/10: ARRA Funding Requirements

12/16/09: Supported Employment Extended Services Guildelines and Forms for Contracts Starting 10/01/09



Policy / Guidelines


  • Supported Employment Training Initiative (SETI) - a 5 year ACCES-VR funded project which began July 1, 2007 provides staff development, training and technical assistance to ACCES-VR funded Supported Employment Providers. This project partners with the CRP RCEP II program to offer a full array of training topics throughout the 5 year training cycle.

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