Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

Unified Contract Services (UCS)

2/3/14: Contract Claim Submission Deadlines for 2012-13 Contract Year (PDF file, 12KB, 1pp)

ACCES-VR Unified Contract Services are community based evaluation, training and placement services. These services are provided to ACCES-VR consumers. An application process and approval is required for all providers of UCS services.

Contracts Beginning 1/1/09

  1. UCS Services Report Forms
  2. Services and Definitions PDF file icon (494KB, 37pp)
  3. Crosswalk Between New and Old Definitions: PDF PDF file icon (52KB, 9pp)
  4. Questions and Answers from Bidders Conference: PDF PDF file icon (341KB, 32pp)
  5. Description of VR370 Financial Reporting Requirements
  6. Voucher Forms
    1. AC 92 Standard Voucher (Word Template)Word Document Icon External link icon- (AC 92 pdf) PDF file icon External link icon
    2. NYS Office of State Comptroller AC 92 InstructionsExternal link icon

    3. AC 93 Continuation Sheet (Word Template)Word Document Icon External link icon- (AC 93 pdf) PDF file icon External link icon
    4. NYS Office of State Comptroller AC 93 InstructionsExternal link icon

Contact Information

  1. Service Specific Questions:
    1. District Office Manager in the Region You Will be Providing Services
  2. Financial Questions:
    1. Central Office

Reference Material

  1. Memo 01/12/10: Contract Allocations for 2010
  2. Memo Dated March 18, 2008 Concerning Automated Payments Methodology for 2008 Unified Contract System
  3. UCS Electronic Reporting Instruction Manual:External link icon Providers are unable to use this system until they have been trained by their local District ACCES Office.  Address inquiries to your local District Office Manager.


Last Updated: March 31, 2014