Franklin Career Institute (Hempstead) Closure

September 14, 2016

To: Students of Franklin Career Institute (Franklin), Hempstead, NY

Dear Students:

            Unfortunately, your school will be closing on October 14, 2016.  The purpose of this letter is to advise you of your rights in this situation.

1-Students scheduled to graduate before the above date, will continue training in the Hempstead school.  The school will remain licensed and accredited until it closes.

2-The remainder of the students, who will not complete by October 14, 2016, will be offered a  transfer to Franklin Career Institute at 5323 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  11220.  You will be able to continue your education where you left off in Hempstead at no additional cost.  Franklin will provide Metro Cards and Long Island Railroad tickets to cover the cost of your commute.  The Brooklyn school is licensed and accredited.

3-If you decide not to accept the transfer to the Brooklyn school, Franklin will issue a full refund on your behalf, with all monies returned to their original sources.  Please note, if you opt for the refund, you will not receive a transcript.

4-Students currently in the externship portion of the training, may continue with no interruption.  Your externship will be coordinated through the Brooklyn school.  As a current student, you may also choose a refund and no transcript.

            Please let your school director know if you will accept the transfer or opt for the refund.  You may contact this office at 212-643-4760 if you have any questions or concerns.  We are sorry to bring you this news, and we wish you all future success.




Edward G. Kramer

Supervising Investigator

Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision