Teaching in LOTE (Language/s Other Than English) BPSS Curriculum Guidelines

These Guidelines concern NYSED and/or BPSS expectations for curriculum review. Prior to submitting your new curriculum for review, please make sure to follow the instructions and advice below.

General Technicalities

  • When uploading curriculum material to my.ny.gov, always use the <Coursework Details> tab instead of <Other> or <Miscellaneous>.
  • The original curriculum MUST be approved in English first.
  • You MUST identify appropriate study material/books in the LOTE.
  • You may NOT use an interpreter in class. The teacher MUST speak the LOTE.
  • Certain curricula can only be taught in English because the licensing exam is only given in English, e.g. Nurse Aide.
  • Except for Home Health Aide, BPSS teacher codes do NOT specify the language of the teacher license. However, as school director you are responsible for hiring a teacher able to teach competently in the language of instruction.
  • The entrance requirements will ordinarily be the same as for the original English-approved curriculum, except if using an Ability-to-Benefit test that is NOT available in the language of instruction. You will then have to work with the BPSS Curriculum Unit to select an appropriate test.


  • The original curriculum MUST be translated into the LOTE. Only answers to the questions on the form have to be translated into the LOTE. If your LOTE uses any non-English characters (ă, é, ñ, ü, etc.) fill out the Curriculum Work Details for Instruction in Another Language form, because our online system does NOT accept non-English characters. Upload the completed form under <Coursework Details>.
  • A translated Equipment List MUST be included in the form, or as a separate upload.
  • The translator MUST provide a notarized affidavit uploaded in the same document as the translated curriculum. The entire translation should be uploaded as one file.
  • The notarized affidavit MUST:
    1. provide the name, address, email, and phone number of the translator;
    2. attest to translator NOT being an employee, or otherwise affiliated with the school;
    3. confirm that translator is proficient in BOTH the English language AND the LOTE, and specify where he/she acquired knowledge of LOTE;
    4. affirm that the translation is a “true and complete” translation of the original – identified by title and NEVER as “the attached”.
  • After the LOTE version of the curriculum is approved, you will need to have an Enrollment Agreement and Catalog translated into that language, as it is assumed that the LOTE will also be the language of the sales presentation to the student.


  • Upload the latest standard BPSS Affiliation Agreement that mentions the specific language of instruction. It is important that the internship host is aware that the intern will be using a LOTE during the internship, and thus provide the opportunity to do the internship tasks in that language.

General Caveats

  • Note that NO BPSS CURRICULUM APPROVAL, EVEN WHEN GIVEN IN ERROR, CAN OVERRIDE THE LAW! You MUST be familiar with the legal requirements in your offering.

Any further questions, please contact BPSSCurriculum@nysed.gov.