TASC™ Test Accommodations

In New York State, public TASC Examinees with disabilities may apply for testing accommodations. The New York State Education Department contracts with Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) for the development and scoring of the TASC, and the administration of accommodations as required by the American with Disabilities Act.  Examinees apply for accommodations directly with DRC.

The DRC website provides the following:  Overview of TASC Accommodations; TASC Accommodations Descriptions; Allowable Accommodations Resources; Accommodations Request Form; Examinee Guidelines for Accommodations; Evaluator Guidelines for Accommodations; and Accommodations Approval Criteria. Please see: TASC Accommodations Information and Request Form

Applicants will be notified of the accommodations decision by mail within 30 business days from the receipt of the accommodations request. Examinees who are approved for accommodations should then contact the test center where they would like to schedule their test session and submit an application to take the TASC along with a copy of their accommodation’s approval. Approvals for accommodations are valid for one year from date of approval, and extensions of previously approved TASC accommodations may also be applied for. To locate a Test Center and apply for the TASC, please visit: Find a TASC Test Center