Employment Preparation Education (EPE)

EPE is a program that provides state aid to public school districts and BOCES that offer educational programs for adults leading to a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma. To be eligible to generate EPE aid students must be 21 years of age or older without a US High School diploma.  

FY2022-23 EPE Application Announcement

The EPE Application 2022-23 is now available. There are FIVE documents that have been revised based on feedback received in previous years.  For example, some of the fillable fields were increased to allow for additional information to be added.  

Below is a series of steps as a suggestion for completing the forms correctly. Following the direction provided below, as well as within the application, will ensure that your application moves quickly through the submission, review, and approval process. Applications missing pertinent information or that are incomplete, may result in a rejection of the application or specific EPE programing may be denied.

Please note that all fillable forms must be downloaded to your device first, before beginning the process.  Please contact your RAEN Director if you need any assistance with downloading and completing the attached files. 

The due date for the EPE Application is June 1, 2022, there will be no extensions and additional application materials will not be accepted after this date.  Per AEPP policy, once applications are processed and letters are issued, there will be no alterations permitted until November. Any changes approved in November will be effective January 1st. 

Regardless of any programming approved previously, this application must reflect all aspects of your program as you plan to operate in FY2022/2023.  Previous application approvals are considered null and void at the end of the that respective fiscal year.

One last reminder, the budget you submit is a non-binding budget as the proposed amounts will be finalized based on the allocation decided by the AEPP office.  However, it is important to note that expenditures submitted on the application are reviewed by the AEPP staff for appropriateness and applicability.  Should there be any concerns or questions, you will be contacted by the AEPP office.  We ask that you respond expeditiously to assure the timely processing of your application.  

Please use the following as a guide through the application files: 

EPE Step 1 REVIEW ONLY Complete Application 2022-2023 

This file is a pdf version of the complete application from start to finish.  It is advisable that you read through this file first before you begin to complete the fillable forms.  This form is for review purposes only. You do not use this file to submit your information.

EPE Step 2 Complete Fillable 2022-23 Application Form 

This is the actual application that must be completed, in its entirety, electronically, signed with original signature (not electronic), and submitted by May 31, 2022.  Please do not attempt to alter the form, it must be completed in the format you have received. 

EPE Step 3 Complete Fillable Geographic Range 2022-2023 Appendix 4

This fillable form is completed only when a program is applying for a waiver to provide services outside of their school or BOCES's geographic jurisdiction.  Original signatures must be included from all administrators as indicated on the form at the time of application submission.  

EPE Step 4 For Teacher Use Only Fillable Appendix 6 2022-2023

This updated form must be provided to all teachers if/when a program is approved for Fast Track funding and is utilizing the Fast-Track Math GRASP Packets.  This form is not submitted as part of the application process.

EPE Step 5 Local CTE Fillable 2022-2023 Appendix 8 

This updated form is used for any program submitting for approval of a CTE course that has met with their school district or BOCES approval by the respective Board of Education.  All fields on this form must be completed before it will be reviewed.  Original signatures by administration are required at the time of application submission.

EPE Forms

  • EPE Step 1 - REVIEW ONLY Complete Application 2022-23
  • EPE Step 2 - Complete Fillable 2022-23 Application Form
  • EPE Step 3 - Complete Fillable Geographic Range 2022-23 Appendix 4
  • EPE Step 4 - For Teacher Use Only Fillable 2022-23 Appendix 6
  • EPE Step 5 - Local CTE Fillable 2022-23 Appendix 8