Nationally Recognized Vendors

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Education Law Sections 5002(4)(e) and 5002(6)(c) and Sections 126.1(y), 126.4(c)(12), and 126.6(g)(2) of the Commissioner's Regulations provide for a streamlined process of curriculum review and teacher licensure evaluation when programs are certified by a "nationally recognized vendor." In regulations, a nationally recognized vendor is defined as " … an independent, industry recognized, educational products provider offering curriculum and instructor qualifications to third party educational service providers via the internet and other appropriate media."

In an ongoing effort to assist schools who wish to avail themselves of these processes, BPSS is issuing this list of the nationally recognized vendors that BPSS currently finds to satisfy the regulatory definition. This list will be periodically updated as more vendors are reviewed and approved. Please note that some of the vendors do not provide for teacher qualifications and, therefore, that portion of the streamlining process does not apply.  If there is no vendor specific instructor certification the instructor must possess a vendor certificate in the curriculum area proposed.

In order to have a new vendor considered for inclusion on this list, a licensed or registered proprietary school in New York State must submit two copies of at least one course or curriculum provided by that vendor.  The school should follow all of the instructions for submitting a curriculum through the Nationally Recognized Vendor process and include a cover letter requesting consideration of the new vendor as a Nationally Recognized Vendor.  BPSS will determine if the vendor meets the criteria listed in the definition of a Nationally Recognized Vendor found in Section 126.1(y) of Commissioner's Regulations.  If approved, the submission will be reviewed under the Nationally Recognized Vendor curriculum review process and the vendor added to the list below.

The Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision does not list the internet addresses for these vendors as such a list would be extremely difficult to maintain and update. Schools wishing information on the internet location of curriculum and teacher materials provided by these vendors are advised to use a reliable search engine to find appropriate sites.

Nationally Recognized Vendors

  • Adobe
  • Alias (added 8/5/04)
  • Apple (added 10/20/03)
  • Ascent (added 12/5/05
  • Ascolta (added 9/28/04)
  • Avid (added 9/12/03)
  • Boston University Corporate Education Center (added 7/25/02)
  • CCI Learning Solutions, Inc. (added 3/2/01)
  • Check Point (added 3/12/02)
  • Cisco
  • Cisco Learning Institute (added 9/23/03)
  • Citrix
  • CIW
  • ComputerPREP (added 4/17/02)
  • Digidesign (added 11/18/05)
  • EC-Council
  • Element K (formerly Ziff-Davis) (added 6/1/00) 
  • Gartner Institute (added 4/4/00)
  • Golden Consulting Group (added 12/24/02)
  • Help Desk Institute (HDI) (added 5/22/01)
  • Hycurve
  • I-CAR Education Foundation (automotive technology) (added 8/18/00)
  • Lotus
  • Macromedia (added 10/3/03)
  • Microsoft
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) (added 6/10/03)
  • Nexes Education Services (added 5/10/01)
  • Novell
  • Online Consulting (added 8/13/02)
  • Oracle
  • Sun/ Solaris