NDEAM Nomination For Employer Recognition

New York State Honors Employers during National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) every October.

Nominations for this year are DUE by Friday, JUNE 10, 2016.

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To be nominated, an employer or individual must meet one or more of the criteria listed below. Check as many as are applicable and, in the box below, include separate statements justifying and describing how the nominee meets each criteria you checked.
Nominations must be submitted by COB June 10, 2016 to your local designated ACCES-VR area
Please complete the REQUIRED Checklist of Questions for ANY NOMINATION.
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Check the box that most closely answers the question.
Your justification must provide outstanding**[see rubric for examples] efforts made by the employer to hire qualified applicants including details about numbers employed, description of innovations made by the business, types of and/or the high level of commitment demonstrated in providing accommodations and career advancement opportunities provided over time. Describe how this employer has gone above and beyond what is required by law. For an entrepreneur, the nomination should describe the achievements of the individual and the impact on the business community, etc. Regional Award winners will be in competition with other Regional winners in each nomination category for Statewide Awards.
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