Academic Curriculum

There are three distance learning programs:

  • Adult Basic Education,
  • Adult Secondary Education and
  • English as a Second Language.

The Adult Basic Education program serves learners under a ninth grade reading level.  Academic curriculum used for this program is Skills to Make Adults Ready to Succeed (SMART).  Math SMART (grade level equivalent 4 – 6);  Writing SMART (grade level equivalent 4 and above).

Adult Secondary Education serves learners at a ninth grade level of reading or higher.  Academic curriculum used for this program is GRASP (Giving Adults a Home Study Program) using either the traditional hard copy packet with the addition of online resources when appropriate or the online electronic packet model. 

English as a Second Language students who have a National Reporting System (NRS) level four may participate in distance learning. The academic curriculum used in this program is Crossroads Café. 

All distance learning programs will use the packet delivery modality as explained in the Program Manager & Instructor Guide for Distance Learning and the EPE Manual.  Teachers must be trained in the academic curriculum by a certified New York State trainer and must take a refresher training session in every three years thereafter. SED will issue certificates upon completion of the training session.  

  • Skills to Make Adults Ready to Succeed (SMART) is a FREE online interactive, multi-media platform Math and Writing curriculum designed for students in New York State funded adult education programs with a reading/math grade level of 4-6 for Math and grade level 4 and above for Writing based on their TABE test results.  This curriculum helps students become familiar with the Internet and word processing features while working in an online course management system.  Digital literacy is combined with learning a skill.  It is password protected.  This online academic curriculum may be used in both the traditional classroom and distance learning.  In Write SMART, students move through lessons building their writing skills while using an online course management system that encourages word processing proficiency.  Also available in hard copy are documents in pdf format for each lesson and quiz.  Students at a higher academic level may benefit from Write SMART as well. Write SMART shows the student how to develop thoughts into a cohesive writing assignment.  Students put their thoughts down as they feel comfortable.  From thoughts the student learns how to develop ideas.  Ideas become groups, groups become paragraphs and paragraphs become essays.  Teachers will be able to create a class, track student progress, generate reports including student time on task and teacher grade book, and communicate with the student through the Moodle platform.  Programs interested in using SMART are invited to preview the program with a "Guest" sign in by going to e-literacyny webpage(link is external) and clicking the "Log in as a guest" button.  You will be able to view and become familiar with the program without taking quizzes, etc.Please contact your RAEN (Regional Adult Education Network) Director regarding training.​
  • Giving Ready Adults a Study Program (GRASP) – Designed for adults with a minimum reading grade level equivalent of 9.0 who are seeking a high school equivalency diploma. Students must be able to work independently and devote at least 6 hours per week to studying.  GRASP may be delivered via traditional individualized home study packets which are delivered twice a month via the regional library network, by mail or may be picked up by hand or by electronic packet.   SED will continue to allow students with a reading level of grade 8 to use the GRASP program model until further notice.  In order to assist teachers in choosing excellent instructional materials for the GRASP traditional packet and electronic packet, beginning program year 2015 - 2016 a review team will be formed.   
  • Crossroads Café - This curriculum may be used in both the "traditional" classroom and in distance learning.  The distance learning model would generate EPE contact hours using the distance learning formula (see section 303 of the EPE Manual).  A special application form (see Appendix C of EPE Manual) requesting specific program information must be submitted with the EPE comprehensive plan of service.  This video/workbook series includes 26 lessons focusing on English language skills development for ESOL learners ranging from low intermediate to advanced learners.  The curriculum will assist learners develop their communication skills and understand elements of the American culture.  Each  video includes a culture clip.  Two workbooks accompany the video series including lessons in listening, reading, writing, grammar, speaking and pronounciation.  The photostories workbook is designed to support learners who are at NRS level 4 and above.