Applications and Instructions for Licensed Private Career Schools

At this time some forms may be submitted electronically while the majority are in PDF format that require the user to have Adobe Acrobat, which is a free program, installed on the computer. Although PDF forms cannot be edited, they can be printed without the loss of any formatting. Or if the user prefers, they can be converted to Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer, a free open source application, for editing. We are in the process of converting all forms to electronic versions.

Applications Instructions
Affiliation Agreement, CNA (Nurse Aide)  
Affiliation Agreement, Dental  
Affiliation Agreement, HHA  
Affiliation Agreement, Internship Site  

Change of Ownership Notification


Curriculum Application

Send questions or status inquiries to:


Curriculum Application, CNA (Nurse Aide)


Curriculum Application, CNA to HHA


Curriculum Application, HHA


Curriculum Application, PCA


Curriculum Application, PCA to HHA

Curriculum Application, TAP (BPSS 30A)  

Curriculum Instruction:

Appearance Enhancement Guideline | Appearance Enhancement Checklist
Barbering Guidelines
Certified Nurse Aide Guidelines | Certified Nurse Aide Checklist
Computer Courses Guidelines | Computer Courses Checklist
Curriculum Work Details for Instruction in Another Language
Distance Learning Guidelines | Distance Learning Checklist
EKG Guidelines
Home Health Aide
LOTE Guideline| LOTE Checklist
Phlebotomy Guidelines

  Financial Information Reporting (PG 4-0900)
  Financial Statement, Annual, Deadline for Filing
(PG 28-0909)

OEDS Form 2017-18

OEDS Form 2017-18

OEDS Form Instructions
Financial Summary Worksheet Instructions for Uploading Annual Statements for Fiscal Year Ending 2017
  Refund Policy Guidelines

School License Application

Send questions or status inquiries to:

Summary of Licensing Steps

School License Renewal Application

Send questions or status inquiries to:

School License Renewal Instructions
  School Move Fact Sheet
School Quarters Application Quarters Application Instructions 
Secretary's Certificate Instructions for Completing Secretary's Certificate
Skills Checklist, CNA (Nurse Aide)  
Skills Checklist, CNA to HHA  
Skills Checklist, HHA  
Skills Checklist, PCA  
Skills Checklist, PCA to HHA  

If you have any questions, you can contact the Bureau by email at or by phone @ (518) 474-3969 or by regular mail at:

New York State Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

89 Washington Avenue, EBA 560
Albany, NY 12234

As mentioned above, the Bureau does not have the capability to accept all forms electronically, except for the ones found on the Web-Based Computer System webpage. For all other forms, applicants will be required to follow the instructions on the application with regard to how the forms are filed for Bureau action.