Domestic Violence Training Requirement for All Appearance Enhancement Curricula

Tuesday, November 10, 2020
News Description: 

The New York State Department of State has amended its regulations, effective November 10, 2020, to require that all curricula leading to appearance enhancement licensure include a review and discussion of the one-hour online Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Training.

  • For the Cosmetology, Natural Hairstyling and Waxing curricula, the new topic will be added to the content of Subject 1, Professional Requirements. There is no change in the hours allotted to that subject.
  • For Esthetics, the topic is added to Orientation unit, which is increased by 1 hour to 5 hours while Subject 17, Unassigned Hours, is decreased by 1 hour to 23 hours.
  • For Nail Technician, the topic is added to the Orientation unit, which is increased by 1 hour to 5 hours, while the Unassigned Hours are decreased by 1 hour to 37 hours.
  • For Nail Specialty Trainee, the topic is added to Subject 1: Course Overview/Content, which is increased by 1 hour to 2 hours, with the overall number of hours of the curriculum raised from 26 to 27 hours.

The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence is available to provide technical assistance or further training on this topic. For assistance, please contact Christine Sadowski, by e-mail at:

BPSS schools teaching these curricula should email the BPSS curriculum unit, a letter stating that the school has included this topic in its curriculum, and make a formal curriculum change at renewal. An exception would be Nail Specialty Trainee, which will require a formal curriculum amendment, since the new requirements lead to an increase in total clock hours. For more information on curriculum amendments, please contact the BPSS curriculum unit at: