Follow-up to the March 13, 2020 Guidance for BPSS-Regulated Schools

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
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BPSS-regulated schools are subject to all State and local laws, regulations, and Executive Orders applicable to private businesses in New York State, including those related to the COVID-19 crisis. Related to the COVID-19 crisis, determinations of whether businesses are essential, whether businesses can re-open, and whether businesses’ COVID-19 risk-reduction plans are approvable, are made and regulated by agencies and municipalities other than the New York State Education Department. Thus, schools should not submit re-opening plans to BPSS for approval, and should instead continue to follow State and Local Department of Health Guidance concerning COVID-19 and the protocols for possible re-opening being implemented by regional control boards. However, once a school has been approved to re-open, the School Director should notify their BPSS Field Associate by e-mail.

To assist in school planning, it is important to note that the March 13, 2020 Guidance for BPSS-Regulated Schools Impacted by the COVID-19, which was not directly tied to mandatory business closure, will remain in effect after businesses are permitted to re-open in order to accommodate educational changes that might be necessary to implement upon re-opening. Specifically, any approvals or special exemptions to offer online learning granted under Part 126.4(a) will remain in effect, as will the procedures for making any adjustments to the conditions of enrollment or course completion that are necessary to respond to COVID-19. Any adjustments to approved school catalogs in response to COVID-19 may also be made by following the same procedures.

BPSS Field Associate e-mail contact information is available here at the BPSS staff webpage.