Official High School Equivalency or High School Transcripts Not Required for TASC™ Testing

Monday, June 17, 2019
News Description: 

Those who have taken the TASC™ previously but did not pass all five subtests are not required to produce an official High School Equivalency transcript from the NYSED Office. Examinees are responsible for their choice in subtests. Admission to testing should not be blocked by a lack of official transcript.

Also, please note that examinees who wish to take one or more subtests of the Test Assessing Secondary Completion, or TASC™, are not required to submit their official high school transcript prior to testing. 

However, it is the responsibility of the examinees  - not the Test Center - to determine which TASC™ subtests are required; specifically if they seek to combine TASC™ subtest scores with prior Regents exam scores as a pathway to a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma:

Further, since examinees must wait 60 days prior to taking any additional TASC™ subtests, it is recommended that they take all five subtests if they are not aware of which are required.

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