TASC™ Materials For The JKL Testing Series Must Be Returned To DRC

Thursday, June 20, 2019
News Description: 

The NYSED High School Equivalency Office has been notified by Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) that many Test Centers have has not yet returned all their TASC™ tests and materials from the JKL series. The JKL testing series ended in January 2019 - when the MNO test series was launched - and JKL manuals, test booklets, and any ancillary materials should have been returned to DRC in February.

Please return these materials directly to DRC. The DRC shipping labels for IPAK (JKL material returns) were included in the locked boxes with the delivery of MNO materials.  If Test Centers have lost the labels and need new ones, please should contact the DRC Help Desk at tasctesthelpdesk@datarecognitioncorporation.com.

Thank you.