Submission of Curriculum Applications

Date Issued: 

Section 5002(4)(b) of the Education Law states:

In approving curriculum, the commissioner shall take into consideration the following:

  1. that the entrance requirements demonstrate that students possess the skills, competencies and prerequisite knowledge needed to progress in the curriculum;
  2. that the content will enable the student to develop those skills and competencies required for employment in the occupational area for which the curriculum was developed;
  3. that the school will utilize appropriate instructional methods; and
  4. that the instructional equipment used within the curriculum is comparable to the equipment currently used by business or industry in the occupational area for which the curriculum was developed.

The purpose of this policy guideline is to streamline the curriculum application and evaluation process while satisfying the intent of the above referenced statute.

Previously, Student Performance Objectives have been a required component in the curriculum application and evaluation process. Such objectives specify the observable and measurable behaviors that students exhibit to demonstrate satisfactory mastery of the curriculum content, any conditions under which the student will perform the behavior, and the level of accuracy by which the performance will be determined to be satisfactory. Performance objectives represent a critical component of any curriculum providing the instructor with the guidelines for student assessment.

Although performance objectives are required in order to implement any curriculum, effective October 1, 2002, the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) will no longer mandate their submission with curriculum applications nor will BPSS review performance objectives which have been submitted. BPSS believes that the intent of the statute listed above can be satisfied through a review of the curriculum content without the additional performance objectives review. A new curriculum application will be available as of that date, listing Item #21b Performance Objectives as being optional (with no review of that information taking place.) Effective December 1, 2002, the new application form, available on the Forms Download section of the website, must be used in order to submit curricula for evaluation. Curriculum submissions received on old forms after that date will be returned to the school upon receipt.

Schools must still maintain appropriately written Student Performance Objectives for each curriculum at their school location and make them available to all instructors. While the submission of Student Performance Objectives will no longer be necessary for a curriculum application, they are still a critical component of a sound educational program. These Performance Objectives must be available for review upon request by BPSS. The failure to maintain these objectives and/or make them available to instructors will support a determination that the school is not offering the curriculum as approved which may result in disciplinary action against the school. To continue to provide technical assistance to schools in writing their performance objectives, schools are encouraged to refer to the BPSS tutorial on writing performance objectives.