Taking the HSE/TASC™ Tests

Anyone who has resided in New York State for at least thirty (30) days and who is 16 years of age or older (with certain restrictions) on the day of testing may be eligible to take the TASC™ Test. For more detailed information on eligibility and the required forms you may need, please refer to the:

Application Process

HSE/TASC™Test Centers, TASC™ Test Schedules and HSE Test Preparation Programs
A listing for each county where the HSE/TASC™ test centers are located, when the tests are given and where a HSE/TASC™ Test Preparation Program can be found in your area

TASC™ Testing with Accommodations

New York State TASC™ examinees seeking accommodations should self-register a TASC™ account through DRC, prior to applying for accommodations approval. Please visit the Accommodations for Disabilities webpage for general information, directions and application forms. 

TASC Testing Online: It's Easier Than You Think

Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) presents "Online Tools Training" a self-guided online presentation that introduces the basic computer skills necessary to take the TASC™ computer based test. Topics discussed in this presentation include skills using the mouse, standard navigation skills, keyboarding skills, and word-processing skills. These skills are described in an automated, audio-enhanced format, complete with colorful imagery and animations that help depict what is required to successfully navigate the TASC™ test online. Viewers may pause, advance or review portions of the presentation at their leisure. Helpful web-links that embellish these topics are provided throughout.