Adult Education Program Teacher Requirements

Teacher requirements for adult education programs funded through NYSED vary depending on the funding source.

EPE Programs:

Only school districts and BOCES may apply for Employment Preparation Education (EPE) state aid; all EPE program teachers must be certified. Section 406 from the Employment Preparation Education State Aid Manual states:

406 - Teacher Requirements

EPE aid can only be generated by a certified teacher (Adult Education certified or K-12 certified). Teachers who hold a valid provisional, permanent, initial or professional New York State teacher certificate in any subject/grade/title are able to generate EPE aid in any EPE program area. All other EPE program teachers must have appropriate adult education certification. For EPE generation purposes, agencies that are able to document that teachers have applied for an adult education certificate and are pending approval will be able to claim EPE aid for instruction provided by that teacher.

The EPE State Aid Manual is available to view.

For school districts and BOCES that need to recommend a staff person for Adult Education certification, application instructions are listed below. Some agencies may have additional staff credential requirements beyond what is required through EPE funding.  Please contact the local district administration for more information.

To Apply for Adult Education Instructor Certification

An individual must be recommended by a school district superintendent to receive an adult education instructor certificate, and the application process requires the submission of a school district recommendation letter. Applications for certification are done on the Office of Teaching Initiatives’ TEACH Online Services System.  More information on Adult, Community, and Continuing Education certificates can be found on the Office of Teaching Initiatives website.

Once Step 1 has been completed and a TEACH account has been registered, select “Apply for Certificate.”

In Step 2, to locate the Adult Education Instructor titles, choose the following selections:

  • Select Area of Interest: Other School Services
  • Select Subject Area: Adult Education
  • Select Grade Level: Adult Education
  • Select Title: Select the specific Adult Education Instructor title that is applicable

All Other Programs:

Note that the above certification requirements are only for EPE programs in school districts and BOCES. Staff requirements for community-based organizations, libraries, community colleges, volunteer organizations and other agencies that receive adult education funding such as Adult Literacy Education (ALE) and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) are set by the funding source requirements and by the local organization.