Student Case Management Activities

All student case management conducted by the Adult Education Programs & Policy (AEPP) office funded projects should include the following activities at a minimum:

  1. Assessing the student/participant’s needs and goals and developing a plan to address them.
  2. Identifying the individual student/participant’s Barriers to Education and Employment.
  3. Assisting students in completing the Individual Student Record Form (ISRF).
  4. Acquainting the student with the resources and opportunities offered by your organization, especially those that the student needs most.
  5. Educating the student while identifying and meeting them at their literacy levels.
  6. Referring the student to appropriate community resources; a list unique to each program.
  7. Recording details of all time spent with the student/participant.
  8. Building trust and rapport with the student and empowering them to reach their goals.
  9. Any amount of time spent with students in the delivery of case management services, should be entered into the AEPP’s MIS system, ASISTS, as a case management class. Note that as little as five minutes of case management counts as a half hour.

Additionally, each Case Manager must develop and continuously update a list of local and community resources, partners, and contacts that their students/participants can refer to as a part of case management. These lists must be shared with each project’s respective RAEN director every December.