Appearance Enhancement Statistics

Section 5005(1)(d) of the Education Law requires that schools disseminate to all prospective and enrolled students through an enrollment contract/agreement, or other appropriate publications and documents, and in appropriate languages as required by the commissioner in regulations, the "pass rate of graduates of the program for the most recent calendar year on any licensure or certification examination required by the state for employment in the particular vocational, trade or career field." The pass rates for the appearance enhancement examinations are compiled by the New York State Department of State. Recently, the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) received from the Department of State the pass/fail rates for the licensing examinations for cosmetology, nail specialty, esthetics, natural hairstyling, and waxing. The information provided is reproduced exactly as provided by the Department of State except that the curriculum codes have been deleted. Schools are not listed in alphabetical order. Schools questioning their statistics should contact the Department of State directly since BPSS is only disseminating this information and is not involved in the collection, calculation, or reporting format of this data.

The statistics are based upon information collected between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

These test scores are only one indication of performance that should be used by students in choosing the proper school and program for their individual needs and to meet their individual educational objectives. BPSS strongly recommends that, when choosing a quality school, students also carefully examine the school's catalog, enrollment agreement, speak with current students and staff, and review a school's placement statistics. Additional information to assist students in choosing the proper licensed vocational school is available on our website.