Fact Sheet: BPSS Schools Awarding Scholarships or Grants

  1. All BPSS licensed career schools and certified ESL schools which award their students tuition scholarships must have their scholarship program reviewed and approved by BPSS prior to implementation.
  2. Commissioner’s Regulations - NYCRR 126.2(d) – state:

    Each school shall submit to the commissioner for approval all scholarship and grant programs offered by the school. In approving such programs, the commissioner shall consider the following factors: the name of the scholarship program; the number of scholarships; the amount of scholarships; period of time covered by the scholarship; the eligibility criteria; the application criteria; academic criteria; award criteria; source of scholarship funds; the manner in which scholarships are paid; and that such funds are collected and applied in accordance with section 5002(1)(b-1) of the Education Law; provisions for awarding scholarships to alternate candidates; standards for continued scholarship eligibility; and the names and affiliation of all award committee members. Each school shall assure that all scholarship recipients meet department-mandated entrance requirements.

  3. Application* for proposed scholarship must include the following:
    • Name of the Scholarship Program
    • Number of Scholarships to be Distributed
    • Amount or Range of Each Scholarship
    • Period of Time Covered by the Scholarship
    • Academic and Award Criteria
    • Student Eligibility and Student Application Criteria
    • Source of Scholarship Funds
    • Manner in Which Scholarships are Awarded/Paid to Students
    • Provisions for Awarding Scholarships to Alternate Candidates
    • Standards for Continued Scholarship Eligibility
    • Names and Affiliation of All Award Committee Members

      ​*There is no formal application. Please submit a proposal inclusive of the required information.

  4. The scholarship application must be submitted to the school’s BPSS field associate for approval prior to implementation. The approved scholarship plan should be described in full in the school’s catalog and any award issued must be included on the Enrollment Agreement to be signed by the student and an official representative of the school.
  5. For financial tracking and reporting purposes, any scholarship or grant funds which are awarded to students are to be considered tuition income for the purpose of establishing a school’s annual gross tuition income (GTI). Schools which award students’ scholarships from their own budget must reflect the full cost of tuition (without the scholarship offset) multiplied times the number of students served. This total comprises GTI. In this scenario, scholarship funds would be recorded as both income and as an expense. Please contact BPSS if you have any questions.