Instructions for Completing a Program Application


A school may have several ESL programs. Two copies of a completed Program Application must be submitted for each one. If a school adds programs after the initial certification process, it will be necessary to submit two copies of a Program Application for each new program before it is offered to students. One copy of the application will be returned to the school stamped "Approved."

The director will evaluate each program as it is offered. If changes need to be made to a program, a new Program Application must be completed and submitted at least 14 days before the change is implemented.

Completing the Application (BPSS-126)

Please type the following information on form BPSS-126

  1. School Name – Identify the school by the name that appears/will appear on the school’s certificate.
  2. Schools Address – Enter the street, city, state, and zip code of the school.
  3. Title of Program – Enter the exact title by which this program will be known. Any communication regarding this program must include this program title. Each program must have a distinct title which is used for that program.
  4. Length of Program – Enter the total length of this program in hours.
  5. ESL Level – Check whether this will be a beginning, intermediate, or advanced level program. The level should be determined through evaluation of a person’s oral and/or written skills or should be based on previous course work. If a program is offered at different skill levels, a separate program application must be submitted for each level offered.
  6. Prerequisites – Identity any skills or other requirements which a student must meet before entering this program. An example of a common requirement is the completion of a lower level program.
  7. Equipment – Identify any equipment which will be used to teach this program. Disposable supplies, desks, and chairs do not need to be listed. Items such as tape recorders/players, VCRs, and televisions must be identified.
  8. Outline of Program Content – An outline of the program topics and content must be submitted for each program. This outline must be detailed enough so that a person observing the class could determine whether the submitted content was being taught.

Mail forms to:

New York State Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
89 Washington Avenue, Room 560 EBA
Albany, New York 12234