Instructions for Completing The Refund Policy Calculations Worksheet

Item 1. List the program name (curriculum/course title, etc.)

Item 2. List the number of clock hours approved for that program.

Item 3. List the schedule of the program to be examined. (Full Time, Part Time, Evening, etc.) A separate calculation is required for each schedule.

Item 4. Determine the number of hours of instruction each week for this schedule. This number should normally be between 2 and 30 hours. A schedule of more than 30 hours may be considered for approval if the school provides justification that this number of hours is educationally appropriate and indicates the daily schedule showing that students receive at least a one hour break each day. Weekly hours of less than 2 hours cannot be approved.

Item 5. Divide the total number of clock hours in the program by the number of hours offered each week for the schedule chosen.

Item 6. Round this number to the next higher whole number. The result of this calculation will determine the refund policy possibilities for that schedule of that program. If this number is 6 or less, skip to Item 10.

Item 7. Once the number of weeks is known from Item 6, refer to the second page of the Refund Calculation Worksheet for the refund policies possible which you may use. Choose one of the possibilities listed. Where options are available, schools should divide their programs based on educational units if practical.

Schools with TAP eligible programs should note that quarters can be no less than 10 weeks in duration in order to qualify for TAP payments. TAP eligible programs already approved cannot be changed for the current funding year. If a change is desired, contact the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) to determine when changes can be requested and the necessary procedure to follow. If you have additional questions regarding TAP funding, you may contact HESC at (518) 473-1574.

Item 8. Set forth the exact structure of this schedule by dividing the total number of weeks obtained in Item 6 by the number of quarters or terms chosen in Item 7. If this does not divide equally, add one week to each quarter or term until no remainder is left.

Item 9. This is only for Mini Programs which are completed in 6 weeks or less. Under this schedule, a week is redefined as 15% of the length of a program. See Mini Refund Policy.