New Web-based Computer System Frequently Asked Questions

August 15, 2014

Question: I cannot find the BPSS link in What should I do?
Answer: Email BPSS your user ID at Someone will have add the BPSS tab to your specific user account.

Question: I filled out the information screen, but did not get a screen to enter the coupon code. What should I do?


  1. Log back into the BPSS application through
  2. The user should be asked to enter the school coupon code. If not and the user is shown a blank screen, see #3.
  3. Navigate to website  
  4. Enter the coupon code provided

Question: When will Step 1 be launched?
Answer: Step 1 was launched on July 28, 2014.

Question: Are there instructions on Step 1?
Answer: Yes, at the bottom of BPSS home page

Question: Where is the link to
Answer: Found at the bottom of BPSS home page 

Question: My question or answer is not here, what now?
Answer: Email with your issue. Include the name of the school and your user ID in the email so they can help you.

Question: Do both ESL and LPCS under BPSS have to do this?
Answer: Yes.