AEPP Programs Assessment Planning & Updates - 02/12/2024

Monday, February 12, 2024
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Greetings Program Managers: 

Please find the updated information on Assessments.

BEST Plus 3.0 and BEST Literacy 2.0 

The latest information we have from the Center for Applied Linguistics indicates that neither of these two new tests are ready for publication.  Their anticipated release time is within the next two months. CAL indicates they will no longer publish or sell any BEST Plus 2.0 or BEST Literacy 1.0 tests (paper or computer adaptive) and all programs must begin using the new assessments as of July 1, 2024.  

  • AEPP is in the process of negotiating a New York State discount on both of these assessments; more information will be sent to programs when available. AEPP funded programs will order and purchase these assessments directly from CAL once a discount is agreed upon.
  • There have been many questions about the new structure of the test, we have learned that the BEST Plus 3.0 will be available in print for NRS Levels 1 through 4, Levels 5 and 6 include audio portions that will require computer adaptive use only.  Programs will need to plan for implementation of this considerable change. 
  • We have also been informed by CAL there will be no “trade-in” accommodation for programs that have already purchased either paper or computer adaptive BEST Plus 2.0 tests that are being used in FY24. 


In terms of necessary training, all Adult Education staff funded by AEPP must attend the necessary transition remote training that CAL is providing.  The remote training is not yet available.  When it becomes available, AEPP funded programs will access the training by registering through their local RAEN office.  The training is remote and is planned to be at each user’s own pace.  We have been informed the training may take between 4 and 5 hours of time for each staff member to complete.  Upon completion, the RAEN will be notified as each trainee will receive a training certification enabling them to administer the new assessments. 

  • AEPP funded programs must not participate in this remote training until they are provided registration through the local RAEN office.  Again, this training is not yet available, when we are informed that CAL is prepared to release the training, the RAENs will be ready to promote the training and registration process in each region.
  • AEPP will continue to require BEST Plus Refresher Training through the RAEN offices that will begin July 1, 2025. 
  • Again, to be clear, none of these steps are available at this point in time, this is an effort to provide as much information as we are able to our programs so that planning may begin at the local level.  As more information is made available, AEPP will notify the field through the RAEN offices, keep aware of new information. 


Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) 13/14 forms

AEPP has been informed by the Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) that the start date for the new forms of the TABE 13/14 will not begin until July 1, 2025.  The test is not yet available for purchase; AEPP encourages our funded programs to check the DRC website periodically to be informed of the test availability.  TABE 11/12 will be used throughout the duration of FY2023/2024 and throughout FY2024/2025 for all National Reporting System requirements and for New York’s Reporting requirements. The most up to date information can be found at:

The Accountability Office will be working closely with DRC to integrate any new expectations into the AEPP TABE Training as soon as they are made available from DRC; RAEN centers across the state will be prepared during FY25 to deliver the revised TABE 13/14 Training in anticipation of the shift to the assessments on July 1, 2025.  All AEPP funded program staff that intend to continue providing TABE assessments in FY25/26, will be required to attend the new TABE training during FY24/25.  Per NYS Assessment Policy, the training must be repeated every three years. 

For questions regarding Assessment Policy and planning, please email the AEPP office at: