Message From AEPP Director Fiormelissa Johnson Regarding FY24 Hybrid Instruction

Thursday, May 18, 2023
News Description: 

Hello AEPP Program Managers! 

We are looking closely at Hybrid Instruction and next steps. AEPP has been hard at work gathering and collecting data from monitored courses and working with our internal partners to provide guidance for Hybrid Instruction. As we work on specific and detailed guidance, I wanted to share that AEPP will continue to support Hybrid Instruction into FY24. 

We are also moving away from “intent” to offer Hybrid Instruction and instead, we ask programs to indicate if they “will” offer Hybrid Instruction; only those interested in providing Hybrid Instruction should apply. The formal application for Hybrid Instruction will be released soon. 

Hybrid Instruction again will be represented by class and each class must have a minimum of 25% in person instruction and a maximum of 75% remote, synchronous instruction.  Students must be active in both in person and remote class time. 

One important aspect to note is that all changes to instruction must be relayed to your RAEN and Regional Team, and that course links must be available and in working order at all times. We shall share additional guidance along with the application soon.  For your planning purposes, a reminder that intake, case management, training, and assessments are not included in the Hybrid Instructional model and must be provided in person.