Private Career Schools-Application Fees

Monday, February 5, 2024
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Applicants for personnel licenses (agents, directors, teachers) should be mindful that the application fee is for an evaluation of the application, and not the license itself. BPSS will not waive or refund application fees if an applicant is denied a license. This includes teacher applicants that apply for the wrong license type. Applicants for personnel licenses should consult the BPSS website to ensure their background and education meets the qualifications of the license they are seeking, and that they have documentation of these requirements to attach to the application before applying. BPSS presumes that email notices are received by applicants unless they are returned or marked as undeliverable by BPSS’ email server.

BPSS is reminding schools that all curricula over 100 hours will be subject to a $250 curriculum renewal application fee, per Education Law 5002(5). Courses 100 hours or less are subject to a $100 curriculum renewal application fee. Schools are required to pay this fee in order to move the application to a review status, therefore allowing BPSS to perform the required evaluation.

Any past waivers of this fee requirement are not considered acceptable justification for future fee waivers. In rare circumstances, a curriculum renewal fee may be refunded if the course is less than 100 hours and the BPSS Curriculum Unit finds no substantive changes to the application. The school director will be contacted by email if an application is eligible for a fee refund. Courses of more than 100 hours are not eligible for fee refunds.