Private Career Schools-Fee Waivers for Renewals of Curricula Under 100 Hours

Monday, July 1, 2024
News Description: 

Effective July 1, 2024, there is a new process for schools to request a waiver of the curriculum renewal application fee for courses less than 100 hours that do not contain any substantive changes to the application. Schools must complete a Curriculum Renewal Fee Waiver Request Form PRIOR to submitting payment for EACH of the curriculum applications in the system. Schools must submit this form for each curriculum they wish to be considered for waiver. 


Please carefully review the following key points: 

  • Schools must apply for curriculum renewals at least 120 days prior to the expiration date of the curriculum.  
  • Sign into the BPSS portal and select Curriculum Amendments/Renewals. Look for the application to update and click on the "continue" button to the right of the name. 
  • Confirm all existing information in the application is correct and upload any required, updated documents. 
  • Stop at the payment screen. Do not enter any payment information. 
  • Complete the Curriculum Renewal Fee Waiver Request Form
  • BPSS will email a response indicating if the curriculum is eligible or not eligible for the fee waiver. This is not an approval of the curriculum. 
  • Curricula eligible for the fee waiver will be reviewed. Please respond promptly to any requests from for any additional documentation or information needed.  
  • Curricula not eligible for the fee waiver will not be reviewed until the payment is submitted. 

Please note that the following curriculum renewals are not eligible for a fee waiver: 

  • Programs of 100 hours or more 
  • Curricula with any changes to the content outline, method of instruction, instructional hours, or entrance requirements 
  • Curricula changing from classroom instruction to distance education 
  • Home Health Aide 
  • Personal Care Aide Transition to Home Health Aide 
  • Nurse Aide Training Program 
  • Nurse Aide Transition to Home Health Aide 
  • Programs with externship sites 
  • Curricula taught in a language other than English (LOTE) missing supporting documentation. 
  • Expired curricula- An expired curriculum must be resubmitted as a new curriculum application. 
  • Any past waivers of this fee requirement are not considered acceptable justification for future fee waivers. 

Questions should be directed by email only to: