Obtaining Closed School Student Records

Please read the following carefully.

We do not have your records:

  • if the school you attended is still in operation. (You must contact that school, even if it has changed location);
  • if you went to a degree granting college or university that closed. (If the college or university was located in New York State, contact the Office of College and University Evaluation for the location of the records);
  • if you attended a school outside of New York State which subsequently closed. (You must contact that state's education department for advice on retrieving records);
  • if you attended the closed school more than 20 years ago;
  • if the school that closed was a secondary (except Delahanty High School) or elementary school. (Contact the local school district to determine the location of the records); or
  • if the school you attended was not licensed or registered by the New York State Education Department.

If none of the above situations applies to you, you can download the Student Records Request (BPSS-153) form in Adobe PDF format in order to obtain closed school records. Please note that, although this form is available to you electronically, it cannot be filed electronically since an original student signature is required for the release of this information.

Records of closed schools are filed by school name, not student. Therefore, you must know the name of the closed school whose records you want the Bureau to search. If you have received notice that a student loan is in default, contact the agency sending you that notice to determine for what school, including location, that loan was issued.