Prototypes of Administrative Forms

Do not file any forms until you have formally applied for school licensure by completing the school license application and filing the required fee.


The New York State Education Law and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education mandate the use of various forms to guide the administrative and record keeping responsibilities of the school

This web site contains prototypes of administrative forms that are approved for use in non-degree licensed private career schools. These are to be used as a template for the forms that need to be created when applying for a school license. Each of the prototypes contain the required information and should be used routinely, if practicable. The State Education Department recommends that you carefully review each form so that you fully understand its purpose and usefulness in the administration of the school. You should be sure to add the name and proposed address of the school to each form. You may also determine that by altering the form it will better meet the specification of your school. Such changes are encouraged provided they still meet all requirements set forth in Law and Regulations.

If you are using the forms created by another school as template for your own forms, such as for your catalog, you must disclose that fact and show a letter from the other school’s owner allowing you to do so.

Many of the sample forms include a paragraph or more describing the form and its purpose. Certain sections also contain checklists of required information that must be included on the specific form.

It is the hope of the Education Department that this information will assist you in your endeavor to become a licensed/registered school owner/director.

The sample forms are available in PDF format that require the user to have Adobe Acrobat, which is a free program, installed on the computer. Although PDF forms cannot be edited, they can be printed without the loss of any formatting. Or if the user prefers, they can be converted to Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer, a free open source application, for editing.

Prototypes of Administrative Forms

Agent Training and Supervision Manual

Attendance Record


Counseling Plan (Ability to Benefit Schools)

Enrollment Agreement

Leave of Absence Form

Master Teacher/Class Schedule Form

Program Completion Certificate or Diploma

SAP Evaluation Form (Fill In)

Refund Calculation Form

Refund Policy Guidelines

Receipt Forms For Students

Student Disclosure Pamphlet (Student Rights)

Student Ledger Card

Student Transcript

Teacher Evaluation Forms