Allied Health Programs

Date Issued: 

NYS Department of Health (DOH) Curriculum and Requirements for Training Programs in Schools Licensed by BPSS

It is important for all allied health schools or schools offering allied health programs to ensure that their curriculum matches the educational standard prescribed by the New York State Department of Health and that an individual skills checklist is completed for each student measuring their attainment of requisite skills.

Guidelines can be found here for the following allied health fields:

Documentation of the required program entrance requirement for students, as noted in the curriculum approval, is very important. Enrollment in the allied health programs noted above typically require that students possess a high school diploma, or its equivalent, or demonstrate their competency to undertake the coursework by taking and passing an Ability to Benefit (ATB) Test. Information on ATB Testing can be found at BPSS Policy Guideline 6-0201.

To ensure that student records are correctly maintained, it is critical that each student have a unique and individually completed skills checklist, of which they will receive a copy. It is not appropriate for skills checklists to be photocopied or pre-filled in any manner or method.  The student must have a true and accurate assessment of their ability to fulfill the requirements of the curriculum. Any pre-filled or photocopied, or ‘robo-signed’ checklist will be deemed as falsification.