Completion of Approved Hours for Licensure in Appearance Enhancement Programs

Date Issued: 

This guideline sets forth completion requirements for all appearance enhancement programs. 

Subject to the conditions set forth at 8 NYCRR 126.4(e)(2), the Commissioner's regulations permit latitude across all programs in the completion of curriculum hours for graduation, except for curriculum set by another agency for eligibility for licensure by that agency.

To obtain a license to practice cosmetology in New York, the applicant for licensure must have completed a 1,000-hour New York State approved course of study and must have passed New York’s prescribed cosmetology examinations (both written and practical).

The school must also affirm under penalty of perjury that it is duly licensed pursuant to Education Law § 5001 or approved by the New York State Board of Regents, and that the applicant has successfully completed an approved course of instruction consisting of at least 1,000 hours of training accompanied by the date of completion.

All schools offering cosmetology curriculum in New York must further ensure that their attendance policies require completion of all 1,000 curriculum hours. This requirement also applies to all appearance enhancement curricula covered under Title 19 NYCRR, Part 162 and Title 19 NYCRR, Part 163 for which the New York Department of State has mandated a minimum number of curriculum hours.

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