Curricula/Courses Offered at No Cost

Date Issued: 

The following Policy Guideline is designed to replace Informational Policy Memorandum (IPM) 21, issued July 25, 1991.

Section 126.4(a) of the Regulations of the Commissioner states, in part, that:

"Schools shall conduct only those curricula or courses which have been approved by the commissioner, and shall conduct such curricula or courses in accordance with section 5002(4) and (5) of the Education Law and this Part; except for those programs which have been deemed exempt from the requirements of article 101 and this Part as provided for in section 5001(2-b) of the Education Law."

Beyond the specific provisions for exempt programs offered at licensed or registered schools listed above, regulations require that all curricula or courses be approved through the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision regardless of their cost, even if no cost exists. Schools considering offering curricula or courses at no cost should also note section 126.2(b) which states that "A school shall provide the same instruction, tools, equipment or instructional supplies, and charge the same tuition rates and other fees or charges, to all students or groups of students in like circumstances, unless otherwise approved by the commissioner."