Hourly Attendance

Date Issued: 

The following Policy Guideline is designed to replace Informational Policy Memorandum (IPM) 49, issued January 28, 1993.

Section 126.4(e) states that "Each school shall establish and maintain attendance policies and regulations, acceptable to and approved by the commissioner…Section 126.4(e)(1) further states that "An attendance register shall be maintained by the school and be available for inspection by the department for each course or curriculum..."

For Tuition Assistance Program purposes, attendance must be taken on an hourly basis. Attendance must be taken at the beginning of each new class in those teaching situations in which students change classes either every hour or every two hours affecting factors such as teacher, room number and subject. For trade and beauty schools and computer training facilities offering instruction of five days or less, the practice of taking attendance on a morning/afternoon basis is acceptable provided that the teacher, classroom and subject do not change during that time period.

In taking attendance for any classes, adhere to all requirements of Section 126.4(e) of the Commissioner’s Regulations.