Instructional Equipment

Date Issued: 

This Policy Guideline is designed to replace Informational Policy Memorandum (IPM) 43, issued October 29, 1992.

Section 5002(4)(b)(4) of the Education Law states "that the instructional equipment used within the curriculum is comparable to the equipment currently used by business or industry in the occupational area for which the curriculum was developed."

Sections 126.5(a) and 126.5(b) of the Commissioner's Regulations state "A school shall have classrooms, laboratories, shops and other facilities for instruction and administration which, in the judgement of the commissioner, are satisfactory for the proper conduct of the school. The instructional devices, machines, apparatus, supplies and other equipment shall be adapted to the courses of study being offered and adequate for satisfactory instruction, as approved by the commissioner. "

The following equipment must be available when the field supervisor performs a quarters inspection. Please realize that this list does not include all equipment a school may use during the course of instruction.

  • Adjustable (high-low or fixed high) beds for nurse aide programs
  • Adjustable height secretarial chairs for keyboarding and computer instruction
  • No more than four computers to one printer for systems which are not networked
  • No more than ten computers to one printer for networked systems
  • Computers with sufficient processor speed, RAM, and disk storage to be comparable to those currently used by industry as of the date of the quarters inspection

Because the use of satisfactory equipment is an integral part of the educational process, the approval of the facility may be delayed until the equipment satisfies the requirements of the Education Law and the Commissioner's Regulations as stated above.