FAST FACTS about the National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

What is NEDP?

NEDP is a nationally and state recognized computer-based assessment program for motivated out-of-school youth, and adults with life and work experience. The minimum requirement for age varies, from 18-21,  by the location of the Agency providing NEDP in New York State. The NEDP is not a test, but a flexible, self-paced assessment program where students work independently on a series of online assignments that cover a variety of academic subjects. Students demonstrate their skills by successfully completing a series of online assignments. NEDP is flexible, can be done at home, and fits in with most busy schedules. There are no classes involved. Students meet in person with their NEDP advisor to review their progress approximately every 1-2 weeks for 1 hour. Students who complete NEDP are awarded with a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma by the New York State Department of Education.

What are the requirements to get into NEDP?

  • New York State adults and out-of-school youth without a high school diploma aged 18 and older.
  • Completion of the requisite CASAS Diagnostic Assessments at a 9th grade level equivalency.

Is there an NEDP provider in my area?

Who is NEDP good for?

  • NEDP is ideal for people who:
    • suffer from test anxiety or find timed tests challenging
    • work or have other obligations that affect their ability to attend class
    • struggle with higher level math
    • are not native English speakers
    • who are self-motivated and can work independently

How long does it take to complete the program?

  • The average time to complete the program varies, but many students finish in 6-12 months, depending on how quickly the assignments are satisfactorily completed.