Frequently Asked Questions about the High School Equivalency Exam (HSE) in New York State (NYS)

Which High School Equivalency Exam is used in New York State?

New  York  uses  the  Test  Assessing  Secondary  Completion™  –  TASC  test  as  the  High  School  Equivalency (HSE) exam. 

Why doesn’t NYS use the GED® test anymore?

Significant changes in the GED testing program created the opportunity to consider other HSE tests that were more affordable and available to more people. NYS needed a HSE test that (1) took  a  phased‐in  approach  to  testing  to  revised  national  educational  standards,  (2)  would  be  available  on  both  paper  and  via  the  computer,  and  (3)  would  be  competitively  priced. Consequently,  the  New  York  State  Education  Department  (NYSED)  issued  a  Request  for  Proposal.   NYSED  then  awarded  a  contract  to  a  national  vendor  for  a  new  national  HSE  test, called the Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ – TASC test, which met these requirements.   

What is the TASC test?

The TASC test is a national test that measures national educational standards. The TASC test has five  subtests  (Reading,  Writing,  Mathematics,  Science,  and  Social  Studies).  It  takes  approximately eight‐and‐a‐half hours to complete, and is usually administered over two days. 

Where can I test?

NYSED has over 100 public test centers located across the state. Find a HSE test center near you.

How much will it cost to take the test?

If you live in New York State, the test is free.

How can I prepare?

You may want to enroll in a free HSE preparation program, which you can find on the HSE Preparation Program website.

There are also free instructional materials.

The TASC test website provides sample questions and other information, including study materials.

Can I test again if I fail?

You can take the test up to three times in any calendar year. The retests are also free for failed subtests.  

I took the GED and passed parts of the test. Do I have to take the parts that I passed over again?

No.  NYS credits you for the GED subtests that you passed.

Can I combine the passing GED scores with the TASC test scores to get my HSE diploma?

Yes. If you took the GED® test between 2002‐2013, any passing subtest scores will count toward earning your diploma. For more specific information on this issue, please email the HSE Office at

How will I find out if I will get a HSE diploma in NYS?

Your test is scored by the vendor, the company that produces the TASC test.  The vendor then sends the scores to NYSED. If you pass, NYSED sends you a NYSED HSE diploma with a transcript of your scores.  Similarly, if you do not pass, NYSED will send you a transcript with your scores, but you may then request to retest on the parts of the test that you did not pass. You can also check our HSE Status Report website to see if you have earned a diploma.

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