Guidance for HSE Program Preparation Code Use for HSE Testing

Adult Education HSE program preparation codes:

  • New SED funded adult education program codes have a second digit of 3. This code is for all students who are enrolled in adult education classes funded by all federal and State adult education funding sources: WIA, EPE, WEP, ALE. Program NRS reports are comprised of these students.
  • Adult education students have legally/officially withdrawn from school; they are ‘drop-outs’ and are not on any secondary school rosters.
  • Programs that get WIA funding may have some under-21 age students who would appropriately use this adult prep code as long as they are in an adult education HSE program - as opposed to an alternative high school equivalency program.
  • More information on Adult Education Programs and Policy office programs.

Alternative Education HSE program preparation codes:

  • Alternative High School Equivalency Preparation Programs (AHSEP) have their own code (second digit starts with a 4 or above.
  • AHSEP students are not considered drop outs but instead have transferred into the alternative education program. Because they are considered 'in school' transfers, AHSEP students are funded by their home district through foundation aid/equivalent aid.
  • AHSEP program requirements and AHSEP program codes.

If an agency serves a student under an adult education funding source, no matter the age, the adult education code should be used. If a student is funded through his/her respective school district through foundation aid/equivalent aid, then the AHSEP code must be used. Following the funding source will determine the correct code.  

Using an adult code for a student under 19 years of age will not meet the age eligibility requirement. Separate documentation will be necessary.