High School Equivalency Duplicate Diploma and/or Transcript Requests

NOTE: The New York State Education Department DOES NOT have any high school records or high school transcripts. To obtain a copy of your HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT, contact the school district from which you graduated.

Duplicate official high school equivalency diplomas and/or transcripts can now be purchased online. This service is for HSE record holders only. Third party requests (colleges, employers, etc.) must be made through the duplicate request form; instructions found below. An HSE record holder is anyone who earned or is in pursuit of one of the eligible HSE Pathways.

All HSE record holders can create a my.ny.gov account and be matched to their HSE record. The purchasing of duplicate documents is not required unless an official document is needed.


If you have a record with the high school equivalency office, please follow the steps below:

  1. You must first create a personal my.ny.gov account. See “How To” for instructions on creating a my.ny.gov account: https://www.ny.gov/services/get-my-nygov-id

       Note: The NYSED HSE office will not be able to assist with creating a my.ny.gov or with password resets.  A high school equivalency record can only be matched to one my.ny.gov. Do not attempt to make multiple my.ny.gov accounts.

  1. Once logged into my.ny.gov, click on the HSE app, labeled "High School Equivalency (HSE)"
  2. Follow instructions for the candidate match. To match with your record directly, have one of the following IDs ready for confirmation: GED ID, government ID used at the time of testing, STRI ID, CAND ID, UUID, or Legacy ID.
  3. If a match cannot be made using this method, you can locate your record through a manual search service provided by the HSE Office. The HSE office will not provide candidate IDs over the phone or through email, you must complete the manual search process if you are not aware of any IDs affiliated with your HSE record.
  4. Once your record match is confirmed, your HSE record will be associated with your my.ny.gov account. Instructions for ordering a duplicate document will be presented once you are logged in. You must retain your my.ny.gov username and password to check the status of your record and make future requests for duplicate copies of your records.


Paper application option-this is required for third party requests:

The online payment system offers a fast and efficient option to order duplicate diplomas and/or transcripts. Colleges, background check companies, and employers are encouraged to direct applicants to order their own documents through the online payment system described above. As an alternative, instructions for mailing a paper application, with money order payment, can be found below:

  1. Complete the Duplicate Request for HSE Diplomas and/or Transcripts form 
  2. Requests submitted by third parties must include a signature from the record holder.
  3. Enclose a certified check or money order payable to the New York State Education Department:
  • $5.00 for a copy of a transcript
  • $10 for a copy of a diploma (transcript included)
  • Do not send cash, personal checks, or international money orders. All fees are non-refundable.
  • For international document requests, a pre-paid, self-addressed return envelope, that is at least 9 inches, must be included with this form.      
  1. Mail the completed Duplicate Request Form and payment to:

HSE Office
89 Washington Ave, EBA 460
Albany, New York 12234

  1. Turnaround time is 6-10 weeks from the time of receipt of the request form.


HSE Status Report:

Most HSE record holders can find unofficial results on the HSE Status Report found here. This report can be used as a temporary measure while awaiting official mailed results.