How to Interpret your NYS HSE Transcript

There are four pathways to a New York State High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma.

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The HSE diplomas are the same but the transcripts look different for different pathways.

HSE Exam Pathway and Regents-HSE Exam Pathway

The most common pathway to an HSE diploma is through testing. Passing test scores can be combined to earn a diploma. These include GED scores, prior TASC scores and Regents exams taken in high school.

Example of Exam Transcript (column and pictures described below):

Exam Transcript

  1. Most recent GED subject test scores: Passing score is 145 or higher.
  2. Highest GED subject test scores earned from 2022-present: Passing score is 145 or higher.
  3. Regents credit awarded** in place of subject tests, using passing Regents exams; Y (Yes) or N (No).
    **A minimum of 1 GED subject test must be taken and passed even if all subject area credits were met through Regents exams. Any subject test may be taken.
  4. Highest TASC subject test scores from 2014-2021: Passing score is a minimum of 500 
  5. Highest GED subject test scores from 2002-2013 (2003-2013 in Spanish): Passing score of 410 or higher with a minimum cumulative score of 2,250. If all subject tests were taken but the total minimum cumulative score was not earned, 1 additional GED subject test must be taken and passed.
  6. Subtest passed includes the 2020-2021 COVID-19 subject test waivers for when HSE testing was not available. Passing subtests are indicated as Y (Yes), N (No), or W (Waived). A maximum of 2 HSE subtests were permitted to be waived (indicated, as W) if a test taker already had 3 or more subject test credits and their preparation program course work would have equated to a passing score on the TASC.
  7. STRI ID: An internal HSE ID associated with any test taker who had a change in their HSE record starting January of 2022.   
    CAND ID: The historical internal HSE ID assigned to any test taker with an HSE record prior to January of 2022.  Some test takers will have both a STRI ID and CAND ID, depending on dates of testing. 
    GEDTS ID: GED ID issued when test taker creates and account and registers for the GED
    Document Issue Date: Date the document is processed and printed.
    Language Designation: E (English), S (Spanish) or F (French, for GED prior to 2014 only)
    Diploma Number: Number listed on the diploma.
    Diploma Issue Date: Date diploma was processed and printed.
    Diploma Earned: YES or NO
  8. Summary of Scoring Requirements:
    Minimum passing scores: GED® Test, 145 (2022-current); TASC™ subtest, 500 (2014-2021); GED® Test, 410 (2002-2013).
    *2022 GED® RLA scores and Regents ELA credit issued in Writing and Reading.
    **Candidates with all Regents sub-test credit must have at least one passing HSE test credit.

24 College Credit Pathway

An HSE diploma is awarded when 24  college credits are earned in the required subject areas.  The 24 College Credit Transcript includes the number of credits in each of the required subject areas. See below.

English Language Arts: 6 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits
Social Science: 3 credits
Humanities: 3 credits
Natural Science: 3 credits
Electives: 6 Credits

National External Diploma Program (NEDP) Pathway

An HSE diploma is awarded  through successful completion of an online assessment system.  The NEDP Transcript includes the eight major competency areas where mastery was demonstrated. See below.

  1. Cultural Literacy
  2. Health Literacy
  3. Civic Literacy and Community Participation
  4. Geography and History
  5. Consumer Awareness
  6. Financial Literacy
  7. Science
  8. Twenty-First Century Workplace

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