How to Interpret your NYS HSE Transcript

Subtest credit, which represents passing scores on subject tests, may be blended from the following to earn a HSE diploma:

  1. GED® Test 2022-present
  2. Qualifying high school Regents Exams
  3. TASC™ Test 2014-2021
  4. GED® Test 2002-2013 (2003-2013, Spanish)
  5. 2020-2021 COVID-19 waiver for HSE coursework

Transcript Example:

GED test scores

  1. Most Recent GED scores – passing score for each subtest is 145 or higher
  2. Highest GED scores, 2022 and later passing score for each subtest is 145 or higher
  3. Regents Credit – any subtest credit received from passing Regents’ exams; Y (Yes) or N (No). Regents Exams taken and passed in high school may be substituted for corresponding subtests, but a minimum of one subtest (of the test taker’s choosing) must be taken even if otherwise all subject area credits were met through Regent’s credit.  Information at: Regents - High School Equivalency Pathway
  4. Highest TASC test scores – passing score is 500 or higher
  5. Highest GED scores 2002-2013 – passing score of 410 or higher for each subtest, with a minimum cumulative score of 2250. If all subtests were taken, but the total minimum cumulative score was not earned, one additional GED subtest must be taken and passed to earn an HSE diploma.
  6. Passing subtests are indicated as a Y (Yes), N (No), or W (Waived)*. Once all subtests are credited with a Y or a W, using  any combination of qualifying options, a HSE diploma will be awarded and mailed to the candidate.
  7. STRI ID-Internal HSE ID associated with any candidate who had a change in their HSE record starting January of 2022.   
    CAND ID-Historical internal HSE ID assigned to any candidate with an HSE record prior to January of 2022.  Some individuals will have both a STRI ID and CAND ID, depending on dates of testing. 
    Candidate demographic information, (most recent) document issue date, language designation of English, Spanish, or French (GED prior to 2014 only) diploma information, and confirmation of a HSE diploma awarded, Yes or No.
  8. Summary of scoring requirements

*COVID-19 waiver credit was available in 2020-2021 for a maximum of two HSE subtests if a candidate already had three of more subtest credits.  If a W is indicated in the “subtests passed” column, then a COVID-19 waiver was awarded for that subtest.  The waiver subtest credit was earned based on HSE preparation program course work and equated to a passing score on the TASC.  

Requirements to test: All test takers must be NYS residents for at least 30 days and meet the age eligibility requirements for testing as specified in the NYSED Commissioner’s Regulations.

Age Eligibility Chart

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Emails are typically answered within 1-2 business days.