HSE Computer Based Testing Site Checklist

The following checklist is designed to guide TASC testing or preparation centers interested in providing online TASC testing. There are several preliminary steps an agency must complete before NYSED will consider a center eligible to provide online TASC testing aimed at the NYS High School Equivalency Diploma. If a testing center is already providing paper based TASC testing, they may choose to provide computer based testing as well. Again, the following checklist is offered as a guide to the steps necessary to be considered as a computer based TASC testing center.

Action Steps Expected Communication
Step 1:
Program must determine if their test center meets the minimum technology requirements for software, hardware, and internet connectivity required by CTB McGraw Hill.
Step 2:
Determine if test center can meet the necessary physical room layout design.
See attached document.
If program determines they have met the eligibility requirements for both Step 1 and Step 2 above, the program must contact NYSED requesting consideration as a CBT testing site.  mail to: Robert.Purga@nysed.gov and Rosemary.Matt@cayuga-cc.edu
Step 3:
NYSED will email a template of the CTB McGraw Hill’s Hierarchy spreadsheet, complete all data fields and return via email to NYSED.
Return to: Robert.Purga@nysed.gov and Rosemary.Matt@cayuga-cc.edu
Step 4:
NYSED schedules a site inspection of proposed CBT center (completed by NYSED staff or RAEN Director).
RAEN Director will arrange site inspection via the program contact person.
Step 5:
Program receives NYSED internal approval to provide computer based testing.
NYSED will notify the program when all inspection material have been reviewed and approved. 
Step 6:
If program is not a current TASC testing site, NYSED will assign a Test Site #
NYSED will contact the program with the Test Site # and will notify CTB McGraw Hill of approved CBT testing site. 
Step 7:
Program contacts CTB McGraw Hill and requests two items:
1. Customer Specification Form
2. Proprietary Online Software Use License
TASC Test Customer Support Toll-free telephone: 888.282.0589 Toll-free FAX: 877.800.9389
Email: TASCtest_helpdesk@ctb.com