Overview of Eligibility Requirements and Information for High Schools Submitting Documents for the New York State Regents-High School Equivalency (HSE) Exam Pathway

Eligibility Requirements

The New York State Regents - HSE Exam Pathway to a HSE Diploma allows candidates to substitute passing scores on Regent’s examinations taken in high school for corresponding High School Equivalency Exam subject tests. Applicants who have earned all four subject credits through the Regents – HSE pathway must also to take and pass at least one HSE exam subject as required by the NYSED Commissioner’s Regulations.

Candidates pursuing this pathway must:

  • Have lived in New York State for at least thirty days and be age eligible to take the GED, as delineated by the Age Eligibility Criteria in NYSED Commissioners Regulations.
  • Apply for the Regents - HSE Exam Pathway by sending the completed Application R to the most recent high school that you attended*.
  • The Application for New York State High School Equivalency Credit for Qualifying Regents Examination Scores can be found at this link: Application R.
  • Register for the GED and schedule subject tests. To register for the GED or to learn more about GED testing, please visit the HSE Exam section of our website. When completing the Application R please be sure to include your 16-digit GED ID number, this number is received after you complete your GED registration and set up a GED account.
  • Candidates are responsible for knowing which GED subject tests they need to take. Refer to your official NYSED HSE Transcript for details or obtain a copy of a transcript.

*If the high school that was attended has closed, please contact the school district’s central office. In New York City, contact the NYC Department of Education, or visit the NYC Department of Education website.

Information for School Districts, Charter, Religious and Independent High Schools

New York State High Schools will receive requests to complete the Application R from former students. Applications must be completed and submitted to the HSE Office with supporting documentation and/or an accurate NYSSIS ID.

New York State High Schools must:

  • Submit the completed Application R that the former students provided to the school, including a copy of the student’s official transcript demonstrating the Regents credits attested to. In Section C, indicate whether Regents exams in each of the four-core subject areas have been awarded, or not, by marking the appropriate box.
  • The school/district is responsible for including the New York State Student Identification System identification number (NYSSIS ID) for each applicant that entered high school in New York State in 2005 or later. This is a unique statewide student identification number. The NYSSIS ID is available in the school/district student management system. For more information on the NYSSIS ID, for more information on accessing the NYSSIS ID search please visit: NYSSIS Overview.
  • The school/district is responsible for including Institution Identification (Inst Id) number or BEDS code. To search for your Inst Id please visit: SEDREF - Core Information on SED Institutions
  • The high school principal or school district superintendent must certify and sign Sections B and C in blue or black ink. At this time all information can be entered by the school of record by using our Excel Application R (Fill in). Once completed the document can be printed and signed by the school official.
  • The completed Application R and the candidate’s official transcript should be submitted as one packet to NYSED, via US mail or through our secure digital submission process.   
  • To learn more about how to submit documents electronically, or other questions about the Application R, contact us at HSERAPP@NYSED.GOV