Requirements for Test Center Physical Layout

  1. Physical layout requirements for the computer stations and required space between computers
    Computer workstations should be arranged such that Examinees are 4-5 feet apart, preferably with partitions between them. Workstations should be outfitted with comfortable seating. There should be sufficient tabletop space to allow the Examinee to work with scratch paper (for applicable subject tests).

    The testing center itself should be a clean, well lit, quiet area that is free from distractions. It should also have:

    • Separate area for staff to work without distracting Examinees
    • Adequate space for the Examiner to be able to monitor the test administration

      Wall posters or other items in the testing area that might provide answers to test questions should be removed or screened from view during the testing sessions.

  2. Maximum number of computers per testing session

    Maximum number of computers is dependent on the local network and bandwidth. Each machine and Test Delivery Client install has a footprint of 10 kbps.

  3. Number of proctors per X number of test takers

    1 per 20 examinees is requested.

  4. Paperwork to be completed before the ticket is issued and process/timeline

    Sites participating in the online testing will need to complete page 4 of the Subscriber’s agreement and the Site Agreement form required by CTB McGraw Hill. Once, these documents have been completed and submitted to CTB, you can begin the process of readying your computers for online testing. Be sure to consult the System Requirements prior to beginning the setup process to ensure your computers and network settings will be sufficient to run the TASC testing software.

    The computer setup will require a software download on each computer that will be used for testing called the Test Delivery Client (TDC). Please also ensure that each computer has a supported version of JAVA and Adobe AIR\Flash per the system requirements. An optional download of the encrypted TASC test content can be loaded to each testing computer as well. If the test content is not preloaded then the content packages will download at the beginning of student testing.