Starting an Adult HSE Test Preparation Program in New York State

SED contracts with non-profit organizations, BOCES and school districts to provide high school equivalency (HSE) preparation programs. 

Non-profit organizations can apply when SED issues an RFP.  The next RFP will be issued in 2024 for new contracts starting July 1, 2025.

BOCES and School Districts can apply annually for Employment Preparation Education (EPE). EPE is a program that provides state aid to public school districts and BOCES that offer educational programs for adults leading to a High School Equivalency diploma. To be eligible for generation of EPE aid, students must be 21 years of age or older without a U.S. high school diploma. More information on EPE programing and the link to the annual application can be found here at the Employment Preparation Education webpage.

There are many programs currently receiving funds from the NYSED to provide HSE instruction and you can find programs in your area by choosing your county on the HSE Prep Programs Map