Test Center Forms

Verification Form Required When Test Center Registers Test Takers and Creates Their Accounts

There is no longer a requirement for non-reimbursed testing sites to submit monthly testing rosters to the HSE Office. However, private testing sites including incarcerated settings and other private testing sites (PBT and CBT), which register test takers by creating their GED accounts, will be required to have all examinees complete the following test verification form prior to testing.  This verification form replaces the signature card.

Verification forms must be submitted digitally to the HSE office monthly (or per testing event, if preferred). Forms should be submitted by the end of the month following the month that testing occurred.  If you need assistance in submitting documents digitally to the HSE Office, please contact hsetc@nysed.gov.

Instructions and Forms for Test Centers Reimbursed for Administering HSE Exams

The forms below are only applicable to NYSED HSE test centers with a contract to receive reimbursement for the administration of the GED® Test under RFP#23-004. All documents must be submitted by the end of the month following the month for which the test center is reporting.

HSE Standard Voucher – Standard Voucher and Standard Voucher Continuation Sheet (as needed)

HSE Monthly Reporting Roster – Instructions and Monthly Roster - Excel Spreadsheet.

Each NYSED HSE Monthly Reporting Roster and Standard Voucher must be submitted digitally to the HSE Office. The monthly reporting roster captures test center data from GED Manager under the Student Test Activity Report, see instructions above. If you do not have access to GED Manager, or if you need assistance for submitting digital documents, please contact HSETC@nysed.gov. Please include your test center name in the subject line. 

Please use the following naming conventions on all attachments sent to the HSE Test Session Materials Submission Portal. All document names must be unique. A complete voucher will include testing administered at all test centers for that month of testing. It is only necessary to submit one monthly voucher, even when multiple monthly rosters are submitted.




CBT Example: 12345_JANUARY2024_ROSTER

PBT Example: 3500000215_JANUARY2024​_ROSTER




Example: C000000_JANUARY2024_VOUCHERS