Interpreter Services Provider Guidelines

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ACCES-VR DO Managers and Providers of Interpreter Services
Frank Coco
Interpreter Services Provider Guidelines
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

All sign language interpreter referral services contracts with ACCES-VR have been approved by the NYS Office of the State Comptroller. These contracts are now in full effect for five years, June 1, 2016 through May 30, 2021, and supersede all previous contracts and provisions contained therein. As there are new service rates and other contract enhancements, providers should review their contracts, particularly Appendix A. The attached Interpreter Services Provider Guidelines are a supplement to assist you in providing quality interpreting services to ACCES-VR staff and consumers.

These contracts contain the following provisions:

  1. Service rates for both certified and pre-certified interpreters have been increased;
  2. Revised assignment modification and cancellation policies allow for billing ofactual non-reassigned cancelled interpreter hours with less than 48 hours’ notice;
  3. Interpreter round trip travel from their home to an assignment over 70 miles canbe billed to interpreters’ hourly rate;
  4. Emergency service request, evening and weekend differential rate can be billedto the interpreter’s hourly rate;
  5. Pre-approved interpreter assignment preparation time can be billed to interpreters’ hourly rate; when appropriate;
  6. With pre-approval, more than one interpreter may be authorized for complexassignments of less than two hours;
  7. New administrative/consumer billing and quarterly performance report dateshave been established;
  8. Video remote interpreting use has been expanded; and,
  9. Assignment of work based on provider’s contract award has been instituted toensure that all provider contracts are equitably used by ACCES-VR offices.

It is ACCES-VR’s expectation that all interpreter referral service providers will observe the following:

  1. Bill timely for authorized services;
  2. Submit only authorized ACCES-VR vouchers and signed interpreter timesheets with invoices for payment;
  3. Complete annual billing reconciliation;
  4. Submit required Interpreter Quarterly Progress Reports to ACCES-VR District and Central Offices throughout the entire contract period, which will be used along with Provider/District Office meetings to determine providers Annual Performance;
  5. Attend scheduled Sign Language Interpreter Referral Service Provider District Office meetings; and
  6. Direct all assignment of work issues to District Office Manager, Regional Coordinator, and or their designees only.

ACCES-VR sign language interpreter procedures, interpreter timesheets, sign language quarterly progress report, and emergency service request form are available on the ACCES website.

The new Interpreter Referral Services Quarterly Progress Report is attached. The initial report is due on September 15.

Providers submitted a plan to assist pre-certified interpreters achieve certification as part of their RFP response and need only submit plant changes to ACCES-VR CO. Please note, until RID/NAD moratorium on certification of pre-certified interpreters is lifted, providers will not have to report new certifications achieved.

Providers submitted sign language interpreter rosters as part of their response to the RFP, and can be required by ACCES-VR to resubmit updated rosters at any time to address provider’s capacity and quality of service delivery concerns.

We at ACCES-VR look forward to working with your agency to meet our staff and consumer interpreter needs. We welcome your feedback at any time regarding our services.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the District Office Managers, Interpreter Services Coordinators or to the ACCES-VR interpreter services mailbox.

Reference: PRO 16-04 Sign Language Interpreter Referral Service Procedures


Interpreter Services Provider Guidelines August 2016
Interpreter Referral Services Quarterly Progress Report (2016-2017)
ACCES-VR Sign Language Interpreter Timesheet (Rev. 8/16)