430.00 Out-of-State Services Policy

(Revised July 2017)

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ACCES-VR may provide out-of-State services when it is necessary to meet the vocational rehabilitation needs of an individual and the services are identified in the Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). All out-of-State services should reflect the joint development of the IPE between the counselor and the individual, and should be consistent with the individual’s interests, skills, abilities and informed choice.


General Information

  • Once the individual and the counselor assess service needs, explore the options available, and develop the most appropriate plan of action, an individual receiving vocational rehabilitation services may choose to participate in an appropriate out-of-State service, even though services available in New York State would meet his or her rehabilitation needs. Documentation in the record of services supporting such a request must demonstrate that in-State public educational institutions, training programs, services, etc., were explored, the basis for their rejection, and how the course of study, training, or service at the out-of-State institution will meet the individual’s needs.
  • In all cases, out-of-State services must meet the same criteria as services provided in New York State in terms of comparable benefits, financial need, and relevance to the individual’s IPE. However, ACCES-VR will not pay for the cost of the out-of-State service that exceeds the cost of a comparable service located in New York State. This out-of-State policy applies to all ACCES-VR services.
  • When determining ACCES-VR’s cost for out-of-State service, all costs associated with the IPE (including the impact of comparable benefits, availability of support services, additional transportation costs, etc.) must be included in the cost comparison between the out-of-State and New York State service.

Training Programs

Community Rehabilitation Program

When the cost of a community rehabilitation program is being considered, ACCES-VR will pay the rate paid to a comparable New York State community rehabilitation program in closest proximity to an individual’s home.

Service Parameters

  • Duration of out-of-State service
    The same time periods that ACCES-VR has established for specific services shall apply to all out-of-State services.
  • Authorization of services
    ACCES-VR’s policy related to the timely authorization of services shall apply to all out-of-State services.


  • Federal Regulation - §361.50
  • 405.00 College and University Training