From: October 1, 2018 to: September 30, 2023

SED01 3300200
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Funding Amount for Period:

As in previous contracts, payment for services provided continues to be contingent upon compliance with the payment and reporting requirements listed below. This document is specific to Independent Living Centers and serves as Appendix C Payment and Reporting Schedule of this contract.

Payment Schedule


1. Advance payment October 1 35 % $
2. First quarter payment October 1 – December 31 20 % $
3. Second quarter payment January 1 - March 31 20 % $
4. Third quarter payment  April 1 - June 30 15 %
5. Fourth/Final quarter payment July 1 - September 30 10 % $

Reporting Contingencies for Payments

  1. The Contractor shall receive a 35% advance in 1 payment on or about October 1 of the each year.
  2. The Contractor shall be reimbursed for approved expenditures quarterly, upon receipt of progress reports and expenditure reports in a form and having a content satisfactory to the Commissioner of Education.
  3. Second quarter payment is contingent upon a complete and approved program Mid Year Report due by April 30, inclusive of receipt of the prior fiscal year certified financial statement and management letter.
  4. Fourth/Final quarter payment is contingent upon a complete and approved program Year End Report due by October 30.
  5. Fourth/Final quarter payment shall be made to the Contractor upon satisfactory proof of expenditures. If the Contractor has not earned such amount, the Contractor will return to the State any excess payment within thirty (30) days of the termination of this agreement. Payment by the State will be made in the ordinary course of State business upon receipt of properly prepared vouchers.
  6. Continuing payments are contingent upon receipt of an ACCES-VR approved Program Improvement Plan (PIP) for all performance targets that are not met. Information on submitting a Program Improvement Plan is available in the NYS CIL Standards, Performance Report and Data Collection Guide, Part 3: Instructions for Attachments. The IL Unit will provide technical assistance to assist the CIL to develop an acceptable plan. If a CIL fails to develop a Program Improvement Plan, or fails to carry out a PIP subsequent to the Page 1 of 2 development of an approved plan, the contract may be terminated. Information on contract performance expectations is in the ACCES-VR Contract Enforcement Guidelines available online.
  7. If any required material(s) noted above is not received in a timely manner, the Contractor will be notified in writing either in print or electronic format by ACCES-VR that payment(s) will be withheld until the receipt of the overdue material(s).

NOTE: In order to expedite processing, all contract vouchers for payment (with original signatures) and quarterly expenditure report materials are to be submitted in a timely manner to:

Dennis Barlow
IL Services Administration
NYSED Building Annex, Room 580
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

Tel: (518) 474-7343
Fax: (518) 486-6252



Contractor shall provide complete and accurate billing invoices to the Agency in order to receive payment. Billing invoices submitted to the Agency must contain all information and supporting documentation required by the Contract, the Agency and the State Comptroller. Payment for invoices submitted by the Contractor shall only be rendered electronically unless payment by paper check is expressly authorized by the Commissioner, in the Commissioner’s sole discretion, due to extenuating circumstances. Such electronic payment shall be made in accordance with ordinary State procedures and practices. The Contractor shall comply with the State Comptroller’s procedures to authorize electronic payments. Authorization forms are available at the State Comptroller’s website, by email at or by telephone at (518) 474-4032. Contractor acknowledges that it will not receive payment on any invoices submitted under this Contract if it does not comply with the State Comptroller’s electronic payment procedures, except where the Commissioner has expressly authorized payment by paper check as set forth above. Contractor further acknowledges that in the event it is eligible for interest payments, such interest eligibility shall be forfeited if Contractor fails to comply with the electronic payment authorization process.